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How we welcome children to our school

We have a comprehensive programme at Fetcham Village Infant School. We achieve this by providing parents and children many opportunities to visit our school, get to know the staff and prepare them for joining school the following September.

Summer Term Evening Meeting  

Parents/carers are invited to an evening meeting to hear about the school, the induction programme, meet their future class teacher and teaching assistants and see round the whole school, if they haven’t previously had the opportunity.  

June/July - 2 Short Visits       

Children with parent/carer visit their class base (hopefully in the sunshine) to meet other class members and staff, play together and borrow a book.

Class Visit 1 

Children visit their class with their parent/carer, getting used to their new environment, the resources and the staff.

Class Visit 2

Children spend time with their class teacher and teaching assistants on their own. Parents/carers are welcome to stay in school have tea/coffee getting to know each other.


September  - Home Visits

The school staff visit each child in their own home giving children security and confidence before starting school.

Staggered Start

Children are introduced to school life in half classes and half days before starting full time.

Curriculum Meeting

After the children have been in school for 2/3 weeks the staff hold a meeting to give you lots of information on the curriculum for the Foundation Stage of education. It is also a good opportunity to ask any outstanding questions