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Pupil Parliament

At Fetcham Village Infant School, we all have a voice. We use our voices to talk about what we like, what we don't like and what we want to achieve. We listen to each other's ideas, learn from others and work together as a team to be the very best we can be!

Our Pupil Parliament in a group of children who share our views, on behalf of us. They meet regularly to share our views and put our suggestions across. We all want to work well as a team. Our pupil Parliament work with us, but for us to make our school even better!

Each class has one Pupil Parliament member. Their job is very important! They go to Pupil Parliament meetings and represent our class. They discuss our issues and worries, then come back to class and ask us questions about how we can improve our school.

Our Pupil Parliament will:

  • help our school community to appreciate what is great at our school
  • help our school community to consider what could be even better at our school
  • make sure everyone in our school community has an equal voice

At our Pupil Parliament meetings:

  • we discuss things that are great in our school and things we need to work on to make just as great
  • we discuss ideas that children in our class have to improve our school and consider how we can make this happen
  • we discuss what we can do to set a good example to others 

Throughout the year each Pupil Parliament member meets with their class to discuss ideas about changes and improvements to the school. The issues are then raised in meetings and Pupil Parliament members discuss how to move forward with these ideas. 

We also attend Confederation Meetings with children from other local schools. At these meetings, we share our own ideas and listen to others.

Please see the meeting minutes below to find out a little more: