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Our Guiding Principles

  Ultimately, the children we teach at Fetcham Village Infant School are our drivers.

Our school principles, CLOVER underpins everything we do. We want the very best for every individual child and for them to be equipped with the skills and attributes to be responsible and active citizens within our society. We feel that by using CLOVER, we can support our children to achieve this. 

Let us explain to you what CLOVER means to our community:


Community: Fetcham Village Infant School is a community hub which works for, and works with the Fetcham community. The school welcomes the local community within school and interacts with a wide range of networks including designated Governor groups, parents and community groups. A pro-active PTA committee further supports this relationship by working with the community and engaging in very successful fundraising events.


Learning to Learn: We appreciate that all children are individuals. In order for all children to access our broad and balanced curriculum, they firstly need to be equipped with the skills and learning behaviours. Teaching is dynamic, responsive and personalised. Teaching staff use their exemplary knowledge and experience of teaching strategies to engage and inspire all children.


Opportunities: We see every day as an opportunity for ourselves and the children at Fetcham Village Infant School. We actively seek opportunities to further engage and challenge the children, to learn beyond the curriculum and to explore the world around us. We model this through investigation, talk, questioning                and curiosity. 


Values: We have our own carefully designed 11 values, which are inter-linked and explicitly taught to children to accompany British values. Children are taught how these values will enable them to thrive within school, and in their later lives. Each child will be supported to understand how love, trust, respect, tolerance, honesty, happiness, courage, co-operation, caring, responsibility and friendship are imperative attributes. Please visit our Values page for more information.


Environment: We take advantage of our own local and wider environments to enhance high quality teaching. The school boasts extensive grounds including a woodland, a sensory garden, designated outdoor learning areas and a range of exciting and engaging play areas. We endeavour to offer children the very best opportunities in the school day to access learning in a range of multi-sensory and inspiring contexts. 


Risk taking: “The more risks you allow your children to make, the better they learn to look after themselves.” (Roald Dahl). In order for children at Fetcham Village Infant School to aspire to be the best they can be, we work hard to support and engage children in thrilling and exciting activities, where children test their own limits, challenge themselves and take manageable risks.