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​Art and Design

At Fetcham Village Infant School, art is an essential part of our curriculum with children’s ideas about art being embraced but also challenged, with opportunities for them to express themselves creatively. Their knowledge and skills are developed and inspired by a wide variety of stimuli including famous artists and their work. Our school drivers of VELCRO ensure values are at the centre of the children’s learning, opportunities are optimised to explore and use the surrounding environment. Children are encouraged to take risks as they express their thoughts and opinions about their own and others’ artwork as well as explore new techniques and mediums. Through art they are given opportunities to work collaboratively as well as individually and a crucial part of their development is learning to reflect effectively on their own and other’s artwork. Children’s creations are continually celebrated throughout the school and displayed in all classrooms as well as communal areas. We aim to nurture the children’s love of art and help build their confidence with lifelong skills for the future.

In order to give as broad an experience as possible, we provide:

  • An introduction to a wide range of materials and techniques teaching the skills.

  • A variety of experiences including different scales, individual and group work, in two and three dimensions.

  • Challenging tasks appropriate to individual needs.

  • Opportunities for direct observational work.

  • Opportunities for work from memory and imagination.

  • A working atmosphere in which creativity and experimentation, during the making process, are as valuable as the end product.

  • Opportunities to experience the work of other artists and designers from a variety of times and cultures.

  • Time for reflection and evaluation. 

Art and design is loved by teachers and pupils across school. With high expectations, children can use technical vocabulary accurately and understand, use and apply different skills and processes taught. The impact can be seen through a range of assessment strategies including key questioning, observation and peer and self assessment. This is used continuously throughout the units and children are confident when reflecting on their own and others’ work; sharing their opinions. Termly assessments against the National Curriculum expectations are also entered onto our school tracking system to allow for whole school monitoring. 


Please do contact Mrs Wright through the school office if you would like more information on our Art and Design curriculum. 


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