Outside Environment COMMITTEE


This group of enthusiasts meet about once a term to discuss and plan all things relating to the school outside environment - from planting schemes to pond maintenance, from building and painting outdoor furniture to laying paths and moving sheds! They work alongside the Headteacher and teaching staff to plan new projects, which will improve and maintain the outdoor environment in a way that supplements and complements the school curriculum and of course makes playtime a much more enjoyable time for the children and staff.

They organise several working parties through the year to put all of the good ideas into action as well as, of course, maintaining what is already there.

So, if you would like to get involved in the committee and/or spare a couple of hours in the fresh air and would like to get involved (no specialist skills required), then James and his team would be delighted to see you.


Working Parties

Our working parties are an opportunity for us to manage, maintain and improve the outside areas for the children. FVIS is fortunate to have such a great outside space but it costs money to maintain and enhance the area. By making use of parent and (child) volunteers we can keep the costs down and use the funds saved for other purposes. If you can spare either an hour or the whole day - please come along with your children. They have a great time too - spending some time helping and most of the time playing!

If you are not sure whether you should volunteer for a working party - take a look at our gallery and see the sorts of things we get up to. No skills necessary!!


For our children's benefit!