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Summer Reading and Writing Challenge

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Reception Home Learning is updated every two weeks. Year One and Year Two have uploaded home learning to cover the first and second half of the Summer Term.

Welcome to Oak National Academy.

We are an online classroom and resource hub created by teachers.

We’re here to support teachers and parents to support their pupils and children. We provide a high-quality plan of video lessons and learning resources. These cover a range of subjects including maths, English, art and languages. Click here to access this resource.

White Rose is the Maths scheme we follow in school. Summer Term by year group planning is available on line. Click here 

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An alternative to Computer or TV learning  You can find it by clicking on this link:

BBC have now launched its new home education initiative. There are daily lessons and great ideas. Click here to take you to  BBC Teach and here to take you directly to BBC Bitesize


Active schools now has an 'active at home' page with lots of ideas for keeping children moving. Please click here for more information.

Each week has themed challenge. This week is 'animal' week. You can find details here.

You will find an active daily challenge here.

  1st May 2020 

PhysiFUN has been adapted so that families can play them at home, in their living rooms and gardens, with minimal space and items. The cards can also be played in schools, you can adapt the equipment to what you have available e.g. balls for socks.

There are videos to accompany the games, made with Active Surrey families, in accordance with the current COVID guidelines.

Keep learning from where ever you are!

RE Today is supporting NATRE (National Association of Teachers of Religious Education) by providing ALL teachers with resources which they can share with parents to support with home learning. For free resources click here

Twinkl have added a Home Learning Support Page and a Parent hub with some great ideas...

The Governments Department of Education has compiled a list of Education resources. They can be found here...

Why smiley face emojis should never be used in work emails ...The activities added are suitable for all ages  Why smiley face emojis should never be used in work emails ...

Indoor Ideas
Play with your brother/sister/parent doing something that they choose, then swap over.
• Build a reading den from boxes, fabric and pillows.
• Design and make a homemade board game.
• Write a postcard to your teacher/school/grandparent.
• Tell a story using your small world animal/Lego/ dinosaur figures. Put on a show for your family.
• Make a cafe for your toys. Can you write a menu and a sign for your café? Can you be the waiter, bringing the (pretend) food and drink to your toys?
• Do a puppet show for your family. Can you do a funny voice for your puppet? You could make a puppet from some card and a stick or even from a big sock!
• With help from a grown up, can you make a fruit kebab?
• Make a robot out of recycled materials (boxes, rolls, pots…).
• Try sewing a pattern on a paper plate, fabric or polystyrene pizza tray, using wool, string or thread.
• Create your own picture using Hamer beads or Aqua beads.
• Use a house plant to draw around its shadow. Put the paper and plant on the floor in a sunny spot.

PLAYDOUGH RECIPE if you would like it and you can get the ingredients! Use outside or away from carpets!
1 cup of flour, ½ cup of salt, ½ tablespoon of oil, 2 teaspoons of cream of tartare (in the baking aisle) and some food colour (optional). Pour all ingredients in a bowl and stir to combine. Mix in a cup of boiling water and stir, then knead with your hands until it binds together. IT WILL BE TOO HOT FOR YOUR CHILD TO KNEAD AT THIS STAGE. Allow to cool and create away! Do not use ‘Tartare Sauce’ – it doesn’t have the same effect!!!


Web-based Ideas
Try out some ‘body percussion’ with the company Beat Goes On who run fantastic workshops for children and young people. Every weekday at 11am on their You Tube Channel they will teach you a new Body Percussion routine. All the videos will be viewable anytime afterwards for you to watch at your leisure.

If you want to access e-reading books for your child over the next few weeks, you can access them for free at:

Bocketts Farm website – lots of free worksheets and videos in their Home Learning section. then click on Home learning at the top.
Lots of things to do and talk about. Can easily be adapted for younger children
Kes Grey author of the Oi Frog and Daisy and the trouble with books reads his stories online Favourite stories read by famous actors



Outdoor Ideas
Go for a Spring walk – what signs of Spring can you find together?
• On a walk set up a flour trail for your family to follow.
• Draw a map of your garden/local area and try to follow it!
• Use masking tape on the ground to make lines for you to jump between. Make the gaps bigger each time!
• Do some water pictures on the path or patio. All you need is a pot of water and paintbrushes.
• Play What’s the time, Mr Wolf?
• Make a target game by chalking shapes on the patio with numbers inside. Throw a pebble or bean bag to the target. How many can you score?
• Make a potion with leaves, petals, water and food colouring.
• Collect a few flowers from the garden and press them between kitchen paper. Hold down with books.
• Make up your own ‘Joe Wicks’ exercise routine.
• Use timers to see how far you can run around the garden or jump over the ‘river’.
• Use a bat and ball or hobby horse or hoola- hoop or blow bubbles.
• Design and make an obstacle course. How fast can you complete it?
• Create your own Hopscotch with chalk outside.
• Grow a plant!
• Cook a meal with an adult
• Make up a new smoothie
• Build an obstacle course in the garden and time family members as they do it!
• Create a new ball game
• Build an Easter Garden
• Remember to go on a Rainbow Hunt and go past your school!
• A garden scavenger hunt
• Make a bug hotel
• Scavenger hunt

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